Best 6 Toothpastes In 2019

So Many Choices, So Little Time 

You can address and correct a variety of issues by just brushing your teeth but the challenge is finding the right toothpaste out of hundreds that are available. While many ingredients may be the same their concentrations of various ingredients even among the same brands may not be, affecting if and how they work for you. If you find that some toothpastes just do not do as they claim or if you or your children are among the increasing number of people who have bad reactions to certain ingredients, what should be a simple task of buying toothpaste can quickly become frustrating. When looking for toothpaste online or standing on most toothpaste aisles, you will be inundated by the sheer number of toothpastes, some that whiten teeth, others that reduce sensitivity, prevent cavities, etc. To lessen confusion, I offer up the best 6 toothpastes of 2019. 

#1 Colgate Optic White High Impact White Whitening Toothpaste

If you have stains on your teeth, it has a detrimental effect on your self esteem but this toothpaste can whiten stains fairly quickly with it's enamel safe formula. Colgate is another well known and trusted brand because their products work and are reasonably priced. The company says that Colgate Optic White High Impact White Whitening Toothpaste will whiten your teeth 4 shades whiter in just 6 weeks with at least twice daily brushing due to the hydrogen peroxide in the toothpaste. The company also says the whitening effect begins in just 3 days of twice daily brushing with this toothpaste. Perfect for fast approaching events when you need whiter teeth fast, this toothpaste can be used with the Optic White Mouthwash and Optic Whitening Pen to make your teeth whiter in as little as one day.

#2 Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

If you are among the growing number of people wary of getting too much fluoride between your drinking water and toothpaste use, Tom's of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste should put your mind at ease while maintaining healthy, white teeth. Tom's of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste leaves out phthalates, fluoride and gluten. This Tom's toothpaste also does not have artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners in it. It works with natural silica and other natural ingredients to fight tartar and plaque while it also freshens your breath and whitens your teeth. Tom's of Maine prides itself on using natural ingredients that are not harsh on your teeth and gums. This toothpaste is safe for both adults and children.

#3 Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening with Stain Defense,

There are lots of baking soda toothpaste fans and if you are one, Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening with Stain Defense, Fresh Mint is a must try toothpaste. Another well known and trusted brand, Arm & Hammer's Advance White Extreme Whitening with Stain Defense toothpaste is made up of baking soda that has low abrasion and neutralizes acids, protecting your enamel. It effectively removes plaque, removing the basis of a few dental problems with each brushing. Advance White Extreme gently whitens your teeth while protecting your enamel unlike some of those fad charcoal toothpastes that can actually wear away your enamel. They have added Stain Defense, which helps keep new stains on your teeth from becoming permanent.

#4 The Popular Multitasker, Crest Pro-Health Advanced Deep Clean Mi


#5 Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste

This toothpaste is a popular option because it is a whitening toothpaste formulated to get your teeth whiter without commonly used toxic ingredients. The tea tree oil in their Kiss My Face's Triple Action Toothpaste lessens gingivitis, an irritation and swelling of your gums that can be prevented and reversed. Another ingredient, xylitol, repairs the enamel on your teeth and toothpaste acidity while olive leaf extract fights bad breath and tooth decay.

Triple Action Toothpaste has a cooling, minty flavor that freshens your breath each time you use it. Another reason to try this toothpaste is if you are concerned about various ingredients in your toothpaste. In recent years, more consumers are becoming more informed about the various dangers of toxic ingredients in their personal care products. The Environmental Working Group rates this toothpaste a 3 on their scale of 1 to 10, making this product a fairly safe bet. If you are having an issue with red, swollen gums or simply want to freshen your breath and protect your teeth this is a very good choice.

#6 A Toothpaste That Will Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Don't forget about your kids. While getting your kids to brush is often a chore, it can be made more pleasant with the Fruit Burst flavor of Crest Pro-Health Stages Marvel Avengers Kids Toothpaste. Crest is a well known and trusted brand by millions, perhaps even billions of people around the world. Crest Pro-Health Stages Marvel Avengers Kids Toothpaste fights cavities for your children and the sorbitol gives it a sweet flavor without sugar making tooth brushing more pleasant for your children. Yes, there are unfortunately a few toothpaste that are made with sugar! You can feel good knowing that your child is learning an important self care habit with a brand you can trust. This toothpaste was given a respectable score of 3 out of 10 by the Environmental Working Group.

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