Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

Oily, greasy hair isn’t fun to manage. For those of us who struggle with excess oil on our scalp and in our tresses, it can be deflating to look in the mirror and see limp, stringy hair screaming back at us. While dry shampoo is an innovation in today’s beauty care regime, and while it does absorb excess oil for a short time, it inevitably leaves us with even more buildup and residue to get rid of when we shampoo. 

Fortunately, there are a plethora of new products on the market that can combat extra oiliness and restore your hair to a vibrant state of moisture and balance. Some are household names, while others leave us trembling with anticipation as the thought of “normal” hair is just within our reach. Read on to find which shampoo is the perfect one for your tresses: 

#1 Cowshed Moody Cow Balancing Shampoo

If you are prone to excess oil but don't desire a deep clean detox on a regular basis, then this is the gentle formula for you. It will clean your hair without stripping it of its natural moisture balance. With a unique blend of Petitgrain, cinnamon extract, and makuna honey, it will balance hair and scalp, giving you a thorough clean every time.

#2 Aveda Scalp Benefits

Anyone who knows anything about hair care knows about the impeccable reputation Aveda has for quality hair and skincare products. Massage this treatment in during your next hot and steamy shower for root to tip benefits. A combination of echinacea, burdock root, and sage work hard to remove sebum and buildup that can contribute to dull, lifeless hair. The result? Beautiful hair that shines from the inside out.

#3 Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying

Surprise, surprise--who would have thought that something so simple could be so powerful, and right there on your department store shelves? Suave Naturals will deep clean and balance the pH of hair and scalp without over drying, and at an affordable price, it is within reach of most of us. It will nourish your hair without weighing you down, leaving you with a gorgeous head of hair.

#4 L’Oreal Professional Pure Resource

Self-described as a "clean sweep" for your scalp and hair shaft, this is purifying cleansing at its finest. Citramine removes excess grease and buildup from the hair, leaving it full of natural shine and body. This formula is safe to use on colored and chemically treated hair, but should be used more as a weekly treatment than a daily therapy.

#5 Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox

This product delivers what it promises; deep detox and relief all over. Its scientifically developed formula will balance the pH of your scalp while delivering invigorating cleaning action. When used regularly, it will put a stop to excess oil production without drying out your hair.

#6 Vichy Ultra Soothing Shampoo

If your oily scalp and skin are also sensitive, itchy, and prone to irritation, this is the formula to try. A unique blend of salicylic and lactic acid clarify and remove buildup that can cause excess irritation and sensitivity. Lightweight and soothing, it won't weigh hair down, and it will leave you calm and refreshed from your crown to your tips.

#7 L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay

A clay mask works to remove excess oil from the pores on your face, and this clay-based formula works in similar fashion to cleanse and draw out excess oil from your hair. Part of a line of clay-based products, this will work to deep clean your hair, leaving it fresh and free of residue.

#8 Sachajuan Normalizing Shampoo

This innovative formula will once again restore to its natural state of balance while cleaning it from root to tip. Salicylic acid will help to dissolve dead skin cells and combat dandruff, while rosemary oil and menthol work to calm and soothe your skin and hair. Safe enough to use every day, it will give you invigorating results without stripping your hair or leaving it feeling like straw.

#9 Dessert Essence Organics Lemon And Tea Tree Shampoo

With powerful natural cleansers like lemon and tea tree oil, this invigorating shampoo will detox and power pack your strands with natural shine and a wonderful, fragrant aroma. Your hair will be smooth, lustrous, and squeaky clean. Use daily for a gorgeous head of hair.

Beautiful balanced hair is within your reach; with this array of products, you'll be the belle of the ball and the toast of the town as you once more reclaim your best hair yet. Get ready to uncover your crowning glory!

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