Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste (5/6)

This toothpaste is a popular option because it is a whitening toothpaste formulated to get your teeth whiter without commonly used toxic ingredients. The tea tree oil in their Kiss My Face’s Triple Action Toothpaste lessens gingivitis, an irritation and swelling of your gums that can be prevented and reversed. Another ingredient, xylitol, repairs the enamel on your teeth and toothpaste acidity while olive leaf extract fights bad breath and tooth decay.

Triple Action Toothpaste has a cooling, minty flavor that freshens your breath each time you use it. Another reason to try this toothpaste is if you are concerned about various ingredients in your toothpaste. In recent years, more consumers are becoming more informed about the various dangers of toxic ingredients in their personal care products. The Environmental Working Group rates this toothpaste a 3 on their scale of 1 to 10, making this product a fairly safe bet. If you are having an issue with red, swollen gums or simply want to freshen your breath and protect your teeth this is a very good choice.


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