L. Organic Cotton Tampons: For the Eco-Friendly Babe (2/5)

For the ladies who are always thinking about ways to live more naturally, the cotton tampons made by L. are a match made in tampon heaven. While these are a bit pricier than your typical tampon, if saving the environment and living a healthy lifestyle is your passion you’ll want to consider these tampons. The plastic applicators are BPA-free, the tampons are made with organic cotton, there are no harsh chemicals or fragrances, and they are not tested on animals.

These tampons are not only good for your body, they’re good for your community. The company that makes these gorgeous tampons, L., strives to make feminine hygiene products accessible to all women. For every tampon purchased, the company gives one feminine hygiene product to a woman in need. Ladies who use these love that they are a more natural tampon that still gets the job done. They are easy to insert, comfortable and absorbent.

Bottom line: Ladies who love natural products will fall head over heels for L. Organic Cotton Tampons.


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