Playtex Sport: For the Girl Always on the Move (3/5)

The name isn’t just a marketing ploy, women who are active in sports actually do prefer these tampons to any other one on the market. Women love that these tampons are extremely comfortable, and many report they can’t even feel them once they’re inserted! This makes moving around, swimming, running, biking, or any other physical activity an absolute breeze when you are on your period.

You don’t have to be a major athlete to use these tampons though, as many women find that they are super comfortable even on their lazy days. Another thing the ladies love about Playtex Sport is that they are easy to remove, which is due to their 360 design that was specially formulated for those on the move! This tampon seriously lives up to the hype.

Bottom line: If you’re active or want a tampon that is easy to remove the Playtex Sport is designed with you in mind!


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