Top 5 Natural Deodorants That Actually Work!

Deodorant is something that almost no one can skip as a part of their daily routines. So many deodorants contain harmful ingredients like aluminum and propolyne glycol though, and have even been linked to cancer. If you are looking for a high quality yet natural deodorant, here are the top 5 picks for those who want to switch to clean hygiene.

#1 Aspel Deodorant

Coming in at number one is Aspel. A relatively new company, Aspel offers a variety of scents, package deals, and designs. Every deodorant comes in a spray form for easy application, which is different from many brands. The spray style bottle can also double as a cologne. Each deodorant is made with several essential oils and natural scents. Unlike other companies though, Aspel uses unique smells like black pepper, vetiber, tonka bean, and mint. For those who won't be able to decide which scent to choose, Aspel Fragrances offers a sample pack of all three men's deodorants, allowing you to get a feel for each one. The effectiveness will last for ten hours too, meaning it can be worn to work, the gym, and even out on dates before it wears off.

#2 Tom’s of Maine:

Tom’s deodorant is a well-known brand. It can be found in almost any drug store or grocery store, but it still uses clean ingredients in every batch. Tom’s also has a wide variety of scents for both men and women, including pine smells, floral scents, and even just plain unscented. For many people, this is a family favorite. Tom's also makes toothpaste for those looking to switch over to all clean hygiene products.

#3 Ursa Major

This brand is not well-known, but its customers keep coming back because of the long-lasting protection. The "Hoppin' Fresh" deodorant, one of the favorites of customers, creates a cooling feel when applied, and smells clean and crisp. This brand is unique because it uses ingredients that not many other companies include. In every deodorant, there is kaolin clay, baking soda, and probiotic enzymes, all of which are natural yet ridiculously effective at absorbing smell and moisture. While not available in retail stores, it can be bought online easily.

#4 ARM & Hammer

Arm and Hammer uses their baking soda to make an effective and aluminum-free formula. Baking soda has been shown to absorb smells and liquid well, making the perfect ingredient for a deodorant. Arm and Hammer deodorants are also generally cheaper than other natural or organic options. Although this brand technically does not make specific scents for men, all deodorants are simple and fresh smelling and can be used by anyone.

#5 Sam’s

Sam's has been ranked as one of 2018's best natural deodorants. It is free of aluminum, is vegan and cruelty-free, and it comes in a circular container for easier application. They have 15 scents, but never use synthetic smells for their products. Sam's makes deodorants for both men and women, but the scents are fairly unisex, as they are all made from essential oils and are not too strong.

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